Why choose Whitehat Analytics as your delivery partner?

Where data science meets delivery focus

At Whitehat Analytics, we drive business change. We combine broad technical excellence across the data professions with cultural change and a relentless focus on bottom-line business impact to generate value for our clients.

Our experts work within your business to deliver production-grade advanced analytics capability. Harnessing the power of your data will enable you to reduce risk, improve profitability, increase efficiency, and improve business outcomes in a multitude of ways.

Why work with us?

Commercial focus

  • We immerse ourselves in your business to understand your challenges, goals and desired outcomes. We don’t propose one-size-fits-all solutions.

True consulting – no silos or ‘black boxes’

  • We integrate tightly with your existing team, working alongside them on-site wherever possible, to ensure a ‘one-team’ mentality.
  • All IP generated is owned by the client, ensuring the creation of long-term business value.

Collaborative by design

  • We are non-exclusive and thrive in working together with both internal teams and other external providers in an integrated fashion.

Learning and professional development as standard

  • Skills and knowledge transfer is not an afterthought, it is continuous and built in, as a critical part of our process.
  • Our objective is not just to build smart models, but to develop our clients’ capability.
  • We take responsibility for upskilling your team and maximising the value of all your resources.

Technical excellence

  • We recruit experts with deep technical expertise in their field, including knowledge of theoretical concepts, as well as demonstrable evidence of exceptional performance in working environments.

A wider focus

  • While we pride ourselves on our technical sophistication, we know that successful enterprise-grade data science requires understanding the importance of cultural change and aligning governance and compliance efforts alongside technical excellence.


  • Because we have no commercial ties, we are able to use whichever technologies best fit the clients’ needs and objectives.

No surprises

  • Simple engagement model via day-rate contracting.
  • All contractors provided to you are full time permanent employees at Whitehat Analytics, meaning you will have no IR35 challenges now or in the future.

How to get started

We understand that it can be overwhelming to try and come to terms with your data.

We work to a clearly defined onboarding processes to help you get started.

When you choose us as your delivery partner, we’ll start with an audit of your data, systems and processes – and then build a plan to suit your business needs.

Your data
We audit your data to find out three aspects: its quality, how much you have, and how you store it.

Your infrastructure
We need to understand what infrastructure and processes are in place throughout your business.

Your people
We audit the current skill sets and capability within your team.

Your business problem
We work with you to clearly define the issue you want to solve.

The business case
We build a business case based on the audit results to demonstrate how you can create value from your data.

The plan
We build a tailored programme to suit your organisational structure and needs.

Contact us to find out how you can get the maximum value from your data.