Podcast: The Benefits of Adopting a Data-Driven Culture

There are many benefits of a data-driven culture within an organisation, with the ultimate goal of developing a cultural framework that helps all members of the organisation to move data to the centre of decision-making. Open access to data reinforces a culture of democracy, as every team member is aware of the big picture and the role they play within the organisation.

A data-driven culture drives a high-performance culture, where issues can be identified rapidly and precisely and where every individual feels able to suggest solutions to problems, which is synonymous with talent retention and business transformation. By embracing a data-driven culture at scale, successful organisations turn data into a differentiator in the marketplace and a unifier within their company.

Whitehat Analytics’ Director of Data Science, Finn Wheatley, joins EM360 for an ‘Ask the Expert’ podcast, giving an overview of what it means to be data-driven and sharing how to achieve digital transformation. Listen to the podcast here.

Finn Wheatley, Director of Data Science

Finn has over a decade of experience working in lead data science and quantitative roles in both the public and private sectors. Following his undergraduate degree from King’s College London, Finn worked for several years in the hedge fund industry in risk management and portfolio management roles. Subsequent to an MSc in Computer Science from University College London, he joined the civil service and helped to establish the data science team at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), delivering innovative analytical projects for senior departmental leaders.

Photo credit: EM360