Data-driven service improvements

Fostering a data science-driven culture is high on the government agenda.

Data science is a fast-evolving industry. We operate at the leading edge of the industry and can provide guidance to ministers and civil servants on best practice.

The public sector generates and receives thousands of lines of data every day. Collected, organised and interpreted properly, this data provides the intelligence to drive significant service improvements and inter-department cost savings.  

Predictive data modelling informs fact-based decision making, enabling setting of outcome-driven targets. Data-driven strategies bring objectivity to the decision-making process, leading to the right decisions at the right time.

  • Capability development programmes: upskill staff with knowledge of advanced data modelling to create state-of-the-art analytical models.
  • Talent acquisition strategies: create large-scale hiring models to attract the best in talent based on objective, data-led frameworks.
  • Service development: add new services through developing predictive modelling to show what people want from their government.
  • Fraud prevention: spotting anomalies in data patterns enables early warning systems to be put in place to detect fraudulent activity, such as false claims.

Case study

Challenge: Start and grow the data science function in a large UK government department serving 26 million people and in charge of an annual budget of £170bn.

Solution: Whitehat Analytics helped recruit and upskill internal and external staff to build out the team. We designed and implemented a data science strategy, delivery framework and best practices for the department. We implemented advanced modelling techniques across the department, and evangelised data science and agile delivery techniques within the wider government analytical community.

Result: Our work enabled the team to move from startup to deployed products in less than a year. We developed first claimant-centric models for the department that integrated cross-government data to provide a single unified view of the individual and transformed the department’s analytical capability.

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