In financial sectors, including insurance, investments, retail banking and fintech, we use cutting edge data science to help you make evidence-based decisions.

In a regulated environment like financial services, data management is critical. We understand your business depends on good governance, security, audit control and compliance.

Your customer data holds a wealth of unexploited value that can support your business growth.

We use state-of-the-art analytical tools to process your information fast. Whether you’re looking to spot unusual financial transactions, identify new purchasing patterns to support new product development or predict the next big industry trend, data modelling can help.

Our predictive data models inform evidence-based decision making. This approach enables you to set outcome-focused targets, such as increased purchasing by a selected target demographic or reduced customer churn. Data-driven marketing helps you develop precise communications to target the right audience at the right time. 

Data science for insurance companies

  • Informed product design based on what people will need in the future
  • Accurate risk assessment and premium calculation based on audience profiling
  • Incentivisation campaigns through lowering premiums if a risk profile improves
  • Faster claims management through data-driven triage.

Data science for banking

  • Understanding transactional activity enables better product and service development
  • Improved credit risk assessment and early warning systems for fraud
  • Realtime data analysis allows a faster response to regulatory requests
  • Customer trend data allows for better placement and servicing of ATMs.

Data science for fintech

  • Machine learning driven financial planning and investment management
  • Risk analysis for lenders and borrowers
  • Better automated fraud detection through predictive data modelling
  • Better credit scoring and highly targeted automated marketing.
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