Market Sectors

Whitehat Analytics works with clients in the fields of financial services, retail, life sciences and government. We help our clients structure and find value in the rich pool of data they have at their fingertips.

By using the latest advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing, we make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Retail / consumer
    Deep understanding of customers is the key to success. By integrating diverse data sources to create a single view of the customer, we provide our clients with a unique view of their consumers using purchasing, loyalty and CRM data. Our insights allow data-driven segmentation, targeting and engagement.
  • Financial services
    Bringing advanced data analytics technology to financial sectors like insurance, retail banking and fintech, making their services more personalised and driving profitability.
  • Government
    Large quantities of data are generated across government every day. When analysed fully, insights from this data can provide new directions, savings and service improvements for citizens. We provide actionable insights to decision makers and frontline staff across all sectors of government.
  • Life sciences
    Removing personal risk shifts focus from the individual to the outcome, enabling decision making in life sciences led by scientific basis rather than personal viewpoint.
  • Energy
    In the energy sector, where customer loyalty is typically low and the purchase decision usually comes down to price, strategic decisions need to be implemented in real time.
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