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20 November 2020

How can HR Directors improve their hiring, promotion and people management using data science?

Human resources (HR) are not traditionally a focus area for the application of data science, but forward-thinking HR leaders are challenging this. Our Director of Data Science Finn Wheatley discusses how HR can benefit from the application of data.

30 October 2020

How can we use machine learning models to increase ROI in targeted marketing campaigns?

This latest blog, by our Senior Data Scientist, Haris Kourogiorgas, looks at how increasing personalisation in marketing campaigns has a significant impact on results.

22 September 2020

The importance of setting clear objectives in data science projects

In this second in our two-part blog series, our Director of Data Science, Finn Wheatley, considers the often-ignored role of problem structuring in successful data science projects.

18 September 2020

Not sure where to start with your data? Let us help you

Data integration is often one of the most significant challenges organisations face. In this first in our two-part blog series, we look at how to capture and integrate unstructured data from many different sources.

04 September 2020

Data science expert Whitehat Analytics brings data to life for EDF

When energy giant EDF wanted to extract new value from its legacy data stores and put it to strategic use, Whitehat Analytics was the partner of choice.

27 August 2020

How to create a leaner business model through a data-centric culture

The success of business transformation can be measured in the mindset of the team. Here, we look at how to create a data-centric mindset throughout your business to create a more successful business model.

30 July 2020

Building a high performing data science team

By 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency. Towards the end of 2019, almost half of all European companies were thought to be struggling to fill their data scientist positions

23 June 2020

Is your business powered by data? Read our top five tips for getting it right

More than a decade after the concept of big data became part of the lexicon, only a minority of companies have become insight-driven organisations – and culture may be the culprit.