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02 June 2021

It’s (data) crunch time for the pharma industry

The pharmaceuticals and life sciences industries have approached digital technology with great caution. Our Director of Life Sciences, Katrin Wiederhold, discusses how digital technology helps increase visibility across all operational areas.

22 April 2021

How digital technology is transforming manufacturing

Our Director of Data Science Finn Wheatley highlights a few of the key data-driven technologies that he believes will affect manufacturing businesses in the coming few decades.

30 March 2021

Using big data to unlock big business potential – a six step guide

Big data is a powerful tool for organisations. Our Data Science Director Finn Wheatley looks at building a data science function throughout your business.

09 March 2021

How to kick-start your data governance program

Data governance is all about how a business handles its data. Evangelos Matadakis, lead quality and regulatory engineer, discusses how to plan, set up and execute a successful data governance strategy.

17 February 2021

How data and AI can support the eCommerce sector during a pandemic

In this blog, our Director of Data Science Finn Wheatley looks at how eCommerce retailers can use data in their decision making, to benefit all aspects of the buying process.

29 January 2021

Podcast: The Benefits of Adopting a Data-Driven Culture

Whitehat Analytics’ Director of Data Science, Finn Wheatley, joins EM360 for an ‘Ask the Expert’ podcast, giving an overview of what it means to be data-driven and sharing how to achieve digital transformation.

21 January 2021

Data – it’s not just about the tech

In his latest blog, our Director of Data Science, Finn Wheatley, discusses why every company needs to adopt a data driven mindset to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

06 January 2021

How data science will improve efficiency across an organisation

Most businesses have common areas that they should consider when transitioning to data-centric ways of working. Our Data Science Director, Finn Wheatley, presents ways in which the Finance function can incorporate data science to improve and streamline operations.

16 December 2020

The future of data science – what’s on the horizon?

In the second instalment of his two-part blog series, Finn Wheatley, Director of Data Science, discusses what the future holds for data science.