A rare breed of scientists and engineers

Our team

The Whitehat Analytics team combines mathematics and computer science with subject matter expertise and commercial awareness. We come from a diverse range of academic and professional backgrounds, to combine world class science and analytics expertise with deep experience across a broad range of industries. We bring together technologists, researchers, and engineers who are experts in translating data insights into business impact.

Our founder

Whitehat Analytics was founded in 2015 by Tobias Kloepper, PhD, to help businesses reinvent themselves using empirical data-driven strategies, supported by AI. Tobias is a technology entrepreneur who combines analytical thinking, technology and ‘big picture’ strategic consulting. Tobias founded his first business while studying for his BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science. He developed a deep interest in bioinformatics, and subsequently completed a PhD in Biological Informatics. He is an alumni of a number of prestigious scientific research institutes including the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Cambridge), the University of Oxford and the Max Planck Society. In 2014, realising his strong commercial interests, he moved from academia into industry, working on multiple high impact digital transformation projects in London. 

Our vision

Over the last decade there has been an accelerating trend, led by the technology industry, towards seeing data as a core competitive advantage in many areas of business. However, many large enterprises struggle to effectively harness the power of their data, or to use advanced techniques such as AI and machine learning. This has led to businesses, especially in Europe, falling behind in using these cutting-edge technologies. This is due to cultural, technical and governance challenges which can be substantial, but are resolvable. Whitehat Analytics was built to offer a solution.

We provide large enterprises with the know-how to use their data effectively and efficiently, in order to compete in a data-centric world. We have worked with some of Europe’s largest companies across multiple sectors, to enable their transition to a data-driven future.   

Why be data-driven?

Putting analytics at the heart of the company enables you to identify and capture business values faster than the competition. Harnessed properly, data can inform a company’s future direction, shape communications with the right target audience, guide the hiring strategy and, ultimately, make a significant impact on the bottom line. Our latest whitepaper outlines five key steps to becoming a data-driven organisation.

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