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We enable companies to be powered by their data.

To prepare themselves for the information age, companies with legacy technologies, processes and skillsets must undertake a business transformation to become data-led organisations. Our mission is to help companies undertake that journey.

Our goal is to help companies to structure themselves around an empirical, data-driven business model, where decisions and processes are analytical and outcome-focused.

By developing a data-led culture that runs through the entire organisation, we allow our clients to unlock the power of data and thrive in a more competitive, data-led global marketplace.

We drive cultural change

We embed analytical capability deep within the organisation, via a structured programme of engagement, education, and enablement. All parts of the organisation are empowered to use data to do their jobs better.

We deliver technical excellence

We work on the bleeding edge of data science, integrating large, complex data sets with the latest tools, and using the most advanced analytical techniques such as neural networks to allow our customers to see further and react faster.

We are outcome-focused

We believe that data science must be deployed to drive business value. That’s why we ensure that we deliver products and services that are usable, scalable and robust, to change business outcomes on the frontline.

We are compliance-driven

We know your data must be secure, it must be accounted for, and the quality must be verified. We build in governance, audit, compliance, and quality validation at every stage of the process. We understand the compliance process first-hand and are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.


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Recent News

29 January 2021

Podcast: The Benefits of Adopting a Data-Driven Culture

Whitehat Analytics’ Director of Data Science, Finn Wheatley, joins EM360 for an ‘Ask the Expert’ podcast, giving an overview of what it means to be data-driven and sharing how to achieve digital transformation.

21 January 2021

Data – it’s not just about the tech

In his latest blog, our Director of Data Science, Finn Wheatley, discusses why every company needs to adopt a data driven mindset to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

06 January 2021

How data science will improve efficiency across an organisation

Most businesses have common areas that they should consider when transitioning to data-centric ways of working. Our Data Science Director, Finn Wheatley, presents ways in which the Finance function can incorporate data science to improve and streamline operations.